Brilliant cycling in Croatia, both road cycling and mountain biking

Brilliant cycling in Croatia, both road cycling and mountain biking
Hello, my name is Tomislav Pušić. I am 17 and going in the 3rd year of high school. I love cycling; it doesn't matter if that is with the road team or MTB team. I enjoy road racing little more, but for I am going on MTB bike races over the winter for a bit of variety. In my region of Croatia we have a winter XC league and it is awesome to try and ride with pro's and beginners. Croatia is a beautiful country for cycling, especially Dalmatia and the Adriatic cost. All year round temperatures are good for cyclists except for some days in winter when there is a lot of wind. There are a lot of routes in the Split area, but if you don't have much time I recommend a route from Split to Gata and back. The route is not too long, and it is perfect for 2 hours of cycling. It is uphill with a shallow gradient, around 1-5%. The roads are in good condition, and there is not a lot of traffic. I enjoy riding there; as it is brilliant for a road bike. Going through villages, seeing some animals near the road, some beautiful scenery full of mountain and forest views. There are two ways you can go, the first; is to go one route and return the same direction. The second; is in and around the forest with lots of climbing.


There is an awesome route for training on hills. It has little traffic as its an old road. You may only see a car once every ten minutes. The Klis area is excellent because you can see all of the city from there, and if you want to ride more, you can go inside Dalmatia and do more than 100 km. All of this very safe, except for one 10 km section from Sinj to Dicmo. It is the main road, and there are a lot of cars, so I wouldn't recommend going that way unless you are comfortable in traffic. An alternative are these routes. And now we are going to take par tin MTB cycling. All you need is Park-forest Marjan. Wings of my city. I ride there very often, without Strava only with a camera for company. It's a relaxing place with a large forest with 10-20 tracks, for XC, CX, DH, and even road cycling. Marjan is the leading hill in the city, and lots of famous sports people go there to train. From hard uphill's to fast and technical descents, it has it all. On the other hand, there are some nice easy routes you and your family can take. Mosor mountain near the city is super for hill climbing and technique. It is not long, just 15 km, but it is hard to cycle there. Your view from the top is just breathtaking. There is an annual race on the mountain from Žrnovnica to Zvjezdarnica in August.

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