Stinner Frameworks - Frame Builders Friday

Stinner Frameworks - Frame Builders Friday

For today's focus, we wanted to showcase a company from the US, Stinner Frameworks. Based in Goleta, Santa Barbara, they offer a range of steel and titanium bikes. Like a lot of frame builders, they have designed four different models for you to choose from that cover a wide range of disciplines, from Road to Gravel, to Mountain Bikes.

Aaron Stinner noticed how broken the cycling business was while he was managing a local bicycle shop 'Bicycle Bob's bike shop' in Santa Barbara. Cycling giants would put ridiculous commitment asks on small independent bike shops. Which, in turn, would cause a lot of anxiety and stress to make sure the shop turned all of the brand credit into sales. Stinner exists to destroy that model with a focus on limiting their environmental footprint.

Aarons' journey started back in 2010 where he began making bikes for his friends, after crafting around 10 - 20 frames before he began having strangers coming to ask. At this point, he was making more money than managing Bicycle Bob's, so decided the progression to working on Stinner Frameworks full time had come.

Since then, Stinner Frameworks has not looked back moving from strength to strength, winning awards for their bicycles along the way. Aaron has always made a conscious effort to produce his bikes in the US. This is to try and combat the stronghold outsourced bike frame manufacturers like Trek and Giant have on the cycling market.

That being said a few years into the process, Aaron was a one-person band struggling to keep up with demand and almost threw in the towel. It was at this point he began to take a step back and brought in the services of ex-racer and professional manufacturing background Gary Douville. Gary was the lifeline needed and quickly set about creating a lean production line for Stinner Frameworks to adopt. It is loosely based on the methodology brought forward by Japanese car manufacturer Toyota.

A process that helped speed up the making of a bike, by introducing four core stages to the build. A fabricator, whose job was to make sure all tubes were mitred and precision-crafted. A welder, who took those tubes and TIG welded a frame to be as accurate as they can make it with aesthetically pleasing welds. A painter, who can create masterpieces that any artist would be proud of let alone someone who appreciates bicycles. The last step was a mechanic to assemble the machine to a rideable state.

A core team of five people work on all the bikes that come out of Stinner. All of whom have their cycling-related businesses, and it shows with the quality that comes out of the company. Everything is built in-house in California by artisans of their trade. From the wheels beautifully made by John Jones of Jones Precision Wheels to the master fabricator Oscar Camarena of Simple Bicycle Co. James Bellerue of GoodColor Studio lends a light touch on timeless paint jobs on the frames that truly set them apart from many for a signature look.

The process created lent its hand perfectly to creating four models of bikes for different aspects of cycling. Stinner will even customise the geometry of these models, specifically for an individual based on their measurements. Currently, Stinner is producing at least one frame a day out of their workshop and allowing Aaron to have more time thinking about important things around how the business operates and flows.

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